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Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

This is a disclaimer directed to every and all visitors and readers of this website (www.BlancoTax.com). Please read this disclaimer in its entirety.


The information contained within this website (www.BlancoTax.com) is not meant as a solicitation.  The information contained within this site is not meant to be delivered in person or by telephone nor is it directed to any person known to be represented by an accountant for any matter which may be the subject of this site.

Website Content

While we use reasonable efforts to furnish accurate and up-to-date information, we do not warrant that any information contained in or made available through this website is accurate, complete, reliable, current or error-free. We assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this website.  In addition, the content contained within this website (www.BlancoTax.com) is not meant to be false, deceptive, confusing, deceiving or misleading to any of its visitors and readers.  The content is also not meant to be transmitted in any manner which is intrusive, coercive, intimidating, threatening, vexatious or may be considered harassing.  If you have any concerns with any of the content contained within this site and how it is being delivered, please contact us immediately at (619) 420-4740.  You may also contact us by e-mail (info@BlancoTax.com) or by mail by writing to Blanco Tax & Accounting, 265 E St., Suite E, Chula Vista, CA 91910.


There is no accountant-client relationship created between Blanco Tax & Accounting and any of the visitors and readers of this Blanco Tax website merely by reading and using the information contained within this site.  Contact this office to set up an appointment if you wish to retain the services of Blanco Tax & Accounting.

This website and its content are maintained for the sole purpose of accountant ADVERTISEMENT. It is an unsolicited communication between Blanco Tax & Accounting through this website and its many potential visitors. Nothing within this site should be considered to be advice.

E-Mail Communications

E-mail communications between you and Blanco Tax & Accounting may be made through the use of this website (www.BlancoTax.com). Keep any communications you send through the use of this site cursory in nature. Do not send potentially confidential information over email. Any communication between you and Blanco Tax & Accounting, through the use of this site, is not privileged nor confidential and may be used against you in any legal matter.

Privacy Policy

You may give us personal information about you i.e. your name, phone, email, and other contact information through the use of this site. The information you provide will never be shared or sold or otherwise disclosed to any other party.  You may opt out from receiving any information from us at any time by asking us to remove your contact information from our database either by phone (619) 420-4740, email (info@BlancoTax.com) or by mail by writing to Blanco Tax & Accounting, 265 E St., Suite E, Chula Vista, CA 91910.